The Western Way Podcast | Episode 3 | Jodie from Green Gold & Blues

 Picture by: Karen Webb @capture_by_karen


Jodie from Green Gold & Blues

Jodie was born in Australia and has been in love with horses from a young age.  Growing up she rode English and didn’t get start riding western until she came out to Colorado to work on a dude ranch.  Before coming out to Colorado Jodie worked in IT.

Green Gold and Blues was born when Jodie wanted to bring more awareness to mental health from loosing to very close friends to suicide.  Jodie started riding the Bicentennial Trail, which is a 3300 mile trail that goes through several rural towns in Australia.  As she traveled through the small towns she would talk to people about mental health.  On this ride, there was a drought going on in Australia and supplies were starting to get hard to find so she decided to end her ride and thats when she packed everything up, hopped on a plane and came to the US.

Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

After Jody arrived in the United States, she had to buy a truck, trailer, and horses.  Through friends she had made in the US while she was here working on a dude ranch in Colorado, she was able to find her two horses Thelma and Tigger.  When starting on the trail Thelma love the miles they were clocking but Tigger had other ideas.  He just wasn’t loving the miles so Jodie decided to find him the perfect home, repacked all of her stuff into her saddle bags and set out with just Thelma.  Thelma is crossed with a quarter horse and saddle bred so she can really step out and has a pretty big walk.

When Jodie packed her gear she would pack enough stuff for about 5-7 days.  That would include her food, Thelma’s food, clothes and a small tent.  Jodie would meet up with friends along the way to resupply and then head back out.  While she was riding she got to ride all the way to the Canadian border.

 Picture by: Elle Eberts @thenerdyelf Alayna Parker @compulsively_alayna

On her ride this summer on the CDT she got to ride in Glacier National Park, parts of Montana and Colorado.  To find her way on the trails she would use an app called Guthook which guided her wherever she needed to go.  That was one of the first questions that I had for her because I have been to Glacier and there are a ton of trails and Jodie said it was a life saver!

The saddle that she was riding in was a custom built saddle from 7O Saddles.  Jodie met with the owner and planned out what she needed and he made it exactly like she had dreamed of.

                      Picture by: Elle Eberts @thenerdyelf

What’s Next

Jodie is planning on coming back to the US next year for a couple of months in the spring to ride some more of the CDT trail and will be at Trail Days in Silver City, NM. She is also teaming up with The Naked Farmer and they are planning on doing a big ride next year also around Australia and bringing more awareness to mental health.

It was a pleasure having Jodie on the podcast.  Make sure you follow along with her story and all of her fun adventures:
Instagram – @greengoldandblues
Facebook – Green Gold and Blues
Website – Green Gold and Blues


Picture by: Chris Dickinson Photography @cdphotog


Intro/Outro Song: Grace Askew

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