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Hi Ya'll! I'm Sarah! I'm from a small town in Western North Carolina where we have plenty of dirt roads and no one ever gets in a hurry. I'm an equine photographer and my love for horses runs way back to before I could even walk.

I don't drink coffee, but I love sweet tea. I love meeting new people. If a brick wall could talk, we would have a great conversation. I got my first pony, Bubbles, when I was two and took my first riding lesson at the age of five. I have shown horses for over 20 years...

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Equine & Western Lifestyle photographer

Taylorsville, NC




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Equine portraits are perfect for families, high school seniors, or just a way to show off your equine friend(s). These sessions are designed to allow plenty of time to have a relaxed experience, capture the bond between you and your horse, and to just have fun. 

During the session there is no need to worry about where to put your hands, what do I do, what if my horse is nervous. I will guide you in a way that will create a natural experience and comfortable surroundings for you and your horse.

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Family Farms are a rare thing in todays time. Growing up, I was lucky enough to grow up with horses on our small farm. My grandfather had a small farm where he raised cows, had several horses, a hay field, and a HUGE garden. We spent summers growing up there helping my grandfather. Those summers hold memories of running through the fields and spending hours at the barn grooming the horses.

Farm Sessions are a time where you can slow down and enjoy just being with your family and making memories. We have opened our third generation farm to you and your family to share in our heritage. We want you to come and enjoy our farm with us!  

Farm Sessions can also be done on your own farm. If your family has a family farm even better! I love to visit and make memories with ya'll!

Farm Sessions

farm sessions

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Marriage is a special moment that you will remember 50 years from now when you are sitting on the couch showing your grandchildren the love story between you and your husband. It's that moment when you think no one is looking and you turn to each other to grab a little kiss. It is knowing that the rest of your life you will have your best friend by your side.

Whether you are barefoot beside a creek with flowers in your hair to standing on the most beautiful beach you have ever seen, your love story starts where you are. On your wedding day I promise I will cry, I will hold your bouquet, or stand in the middle of a creek to get that shot. I will be someone you can lean on, talk to, or vent to on your wedding day. I am not only your photographer but your friend.

weddings start at $2,000  |  prints available



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Sarah is a phenomenal photographer!! She is super sweet and easy going. She is very passionate about photography, which reflects in the quality of her work

Sarah has the best ideas and incorporates absolutely anything you ask to make your photos the best. she strives to be the best in the league and not gonna lie, she's pretty freaking high up there! She isn't afraid to direct you but is always open to your ideas. by far the easiest person to work with and will always be my first pick for a photographer!

Sarah did a wonderful job with our family pictures. She helped coach our dog into the perfect position and took her time and we did not feel rushed.

-Michaela B.


-Kimmie J.

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