Sam | Black and White Equine Session | Troutman NC


Black and White Equine Session

I have always wanted to do a photography session in complete black and white.  I started thinking I needed to find someone with a lighter colored horse that would contrast really well with the light.  Sam has a gorgeous OTTB that happened to be perfect.  We picked an evening that we knew would have a beautiful light and ran with it.  Sam’s farm has beautiful rolling hills and a hayfield that glistened from all of the light!!

Crazy Ideas

A lot of times I get ideas in my head and they just won’t leave.  This was one of those ideas.  I kept thinking about it and processing it.  Sam was so gracious to take her time and let us use her gorgeous farm for one of my crazy ideas.  I have also included some of the color images at the end.  During the session I forced myself to search for light and to see how it landed across her face with a nice soft glow.  I changed my lenses several time to get a different effect. It was just such a fun session with no boundaries and I could just let loose and have fun!

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