This is the first of 12 Passion Project posts that I will be sharing for 2018.  This series was started by a statement that I heard, from a young person referring to how people that are living their dreams were an overnight success.  It really fueled me to step deep and interview people that are living their dreams and to share the good bad and ugly.  The hard work that goes into following your dreams and that what people see when they start becoming successful doesn’t show all the blood, sweat and tears that was poured into.  I want people to see from this series that it takes a lot to reach your dreams but it is so worth the ups and downs to get there and to never give up!

This month I got the privilege to interview Cody Lee and Cody Green who are both cutting horse trainers in Oklahoma. To say we had fun was an understatement.  There were belly laughs to tears.  The video is worth a watch and will be worth the watch.

Cody Lee grew up trail riding with her mom and dad, competed in 4-H, her high school equestrian team and even her college equestrian team.  Her dreams were to always work with horses and she is now doing that on a ranch in Oklahoma!

Cody Green grew up in a small town where you either become a farmer or work on a ranch and he said he wasn’t into tractors so he started ranching.  He now works on a cutting ranch in Oklahoma, and yes these two are a couple, and yes they have the same name (which is pretty cool).

Together these two share a passion for cutting horses and in the future they both hope to continue showing and training in the cutting world.

Before the interview, we did a little photoshoot and I mentioned they could do a little dancing.  Well, they two stepped and they looked like professionals out there.  They were definitely cutting a rug! I was surely impressed!

Cody has the sweetest and cutest dog ever! So of course we had to add her into all the pictures! She will also make her appearance in the video, so be sure to watch for her!

And then I asked them to take a stroll and they amped it up even more!! From skipping to laughing the entire time! Between these two there was never a time we were not laughing!

I’m so thankful for such amazing people to kick off this series with! Cody Lee and Cody Green were more than perfect to share about their lives and how they are living their dreams! Make sure to watch the vide above and stay tuned for February’s video.

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