Farm Sessions are one of my favorite sessions to shoot.  The Brown family opened up their farm and invited me in to spend a few hours with them on their family farm! They have all kinds of creatures from horses, goats, chicken houses, dogs, and plenty of cows.

We started out with the horses of course (ha ha – corny joke) while Fudd (the dad) and the boys roped.  Allison pulled the roping dummy around the boys to rope and just goof off.  Then we headed out to the pasture and found some gorgeous mountain views and did some fun shots there.

From there we packed up and went over to their other farm where there were more cows and we hiked around to find some beautiful views and lots of cows.  The cows were super interested in what we were doing and decided to gather around.

Finally it was time to pull out the big guns (the John Deere tractor) and do some fun shots and take it for a spin.

I hope you enjoy all of the animals at the Brown’s farm and some of the beautiful scenery that they get to look at everyday from their farm!

Boar Goats


Father Son Roping

Mom helping son at the rope pen

Mom pulling the roping steer




loping in the field

father roping

son roping

red bandit

farm family picture

a man and his dog

father and his horse

family with the cows

mother and father

brotherly love


john deere tractor family

farm views

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