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Farm Session are so much fun and most of the time they either take place here on our farm in Taylorsville or at your farm (I am always open for travel!) Farm Sessions are always centered around the family and are a special moment in time that you will always want to remember.  One of the biggest parts of a photo shoot is the clothing. There is no need to get nervous, that is why this blog post is here.  It is going to help guide you to choose the perfect clothing for your Farm Session.

There are several steps when choosing your outfits for your session. I promise it is simple, just keep these in mind when choosing…and remember to breath!

  1. Look around your house and look at your home decor.  I know this sounds crazy but these pictures are going to be hanging in your house, so you will want something that matches your interior. Pick some colors that are all through your house and use these for inspiration.
  2. Plan according to the location of the shoot. Most Farm Sessions will take place outside around the farm and animals.  In choosing your outfit, remember to pick something that is comfortable. Boots or closed toed shoes if you are going to be around horses or cows, if you choose to wear a dress make sure it is a reasonable length, and remember to wear something that you feel great in!

3. Plan according to the season. A big part of choosing your outfit has to do with the season.  In the spring and fall, layering is a great idea! Women can wear a long sleeve shirt with a vest or light jacket, guys can wear a button up or nice shirt with a vest or light jacket also.  Layering makes it much easier and helps you stay warm! In the summer time you want clothes that are easy to move around in and light weight because I promise you will be warm! Just remember to pick things that work for each season and you will be rocking your Farm Session!

4. Everyone does not have to match. The best way to prevent everyone from wearing the same pattern is to choose a color pallet that works for everyone in the family and start to piece together outfits. To make sure everything works together, start to lay it out on the bed a few weeks before to see if it works for you.  If you are not sure, you can always shoot me a message and I will be glad to give you some guidance!

5. Choose clothing that you are comfortable in. When it is time for family pictures, the first thing that you want to do is run out and buy a new outfit.  That is totally fine, but make sure it is something that you feel like yourself in.  If you choose an outfit that makes you feel awkward and is something that you do not normally wear, it will transfer over to your pictures.  The more natural you feel and the more you can be your self the better that smile will be and it will stand out in all of your pictures!

6. Just have a good time. Farm Sessions are a fun time to spend with your family and to create memories.  Your outfit plays a huge role but so does having fun! Be ready to laugh, listen to corny jokes, and maybe do some crazy dancing. You will leave with your heart full and and a smile on your face I promise! So bring that “A” game!

Your Farm Session will be unique to you and your family so let loose and just have a good ole’ time!

  1. That was worth of my time. Thank you so much for sharing.

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