Sunflower Farm Session

When I drive by a field of sunflowers it is one of the most beautiful things! When Jenna said she wanted to do her family pictures in the middle of the sunflower field I was totally on board.  Willow and Hattie are some of the funnest kids.  Hattie will always keep you rolling because you never know what she is going to say next! It’s so special watching your friend’s families grow!

Hattie wanted to get into the middle of the sunflowers and jump around.  So of course we let her do what ever made her happy!


Overalls in the Creek

After the sunflower field we took off to the creek where Jenna and her sister used to play as kids.  The sun was setting and it was the perfect time to let the kids play.  Well Willow wasn’t much of a fan but it was still super cute to at least sit her down in the creek for a quick picture.  One day she will be thankful to have that special moment lol.

Then out of nowhere Jenna decided to jump in with them and it was so special!!


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  1. Harriet says:

    They are good but especially like the ones in the sunflower field 💛🌻💛

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