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Jeff & Courtney

I have always dreamed of shooting a wedding in Montana, and when Mary reached out about her daughter getting married and she wanted me to come and shoo the wedding I was so excited.  Jeff & Courtney are definitely the outgoing couple I have ever photographed.  There was honestly nothing that they wouldn’t do and when it came to picture time I honestly had the best time I have ever had.

The love these two share is so strong.  They love each other deep.  You can tell that they are for real each others person and it was so sweet watching that throughout the day.  They just go together.

Jeff & Courtney went to college together so all of their friends were at the wedding and it felt like a huge college reunion.  Everyone was so nice and outgoing and you never felt like you met a stranger.  I saw dance moves I’ve never seen but it was hands down one of the funnest weddings I’ve been to!

Getting Ready

Courtney’s made of honor was not at the wedding because the week of the wedding she was in a tragic car wreck and was in the hospital.  While everyone was getting ready they did a FaceTime to the MOH so they could make her feel included in the special day.  It was a sweet moment that they were all able to share together.

The bridesmaids had a beautiful location upstairs at the Camelot Ranch. It was wide open, a HUGE mirror that was made out of old barn wood that was close to 10 feet tall.  The bridal suite overlooked the entire wedding venue on the inside and it also had a deck that went outside and you could see the entire venue grounds.  There was even a counter with styling chairs, a full kitchen, bathroom and two more places bridesmaids could get ready.

The grooms suite was downstairs (so there was no chance that they two would see each other). In their suite they had a flat screen television so they could hook up their gaming systems, a couple of mirrors to see themselves, a huge leather couch and a couple of chairs.

The entire venue was gorgeous and a photographers dream.


The ceremony was originally supposed to take place outside under a tree with old church pews but right before the wedding the bottom fell out.  I’m not talking like it was raining a little, I mean like God turned the dam on and it fell out of the sky. So the ceremony took place inside, which was absolutely beautiful, and it turned out to be the perfect day.

Courtney had a groom bride and he wore a pink suite to match the bridesmaids and he totally played it up and it was the best.  So when the preacher walked out he walked out with him and one of the groomsmen.  I’m telling you these people were awesome when it came to pictures and keeping everyone entertained!!


The reception was in the same place that the ceremony was held.  The tables were to the side and the dance floor in the middle.  The food was some amazing BBQ form a local restaurant.  Once the food was done and everyone was ready to boogy, everyone came to life.  I’m serious I saw dance moves I’ve never seen before and I think I took over 600 dancing pictures but I paired it down to just a couple to it didn’t overwhelm everyone.

Courtney and Jeff I wish you guys the best! It was hands down one of the funnest wedding and you made my first wedding in Montana so memorable!!


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