Truck Bed Farm Session

Travis and April have been married for several years but wanted to change it up for their family pictures this year and do a few in the back of the truck.  I love when people come up with fun ideas! We started with the two of them in the bed of the truck with just the two of them and then went for a walk to the creek and did a few fun shots of the entire family down there.

When clients plan fun ideas I love to just run with it.  She wanted something a little different than the normal family photos (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I was so excited.  She took the truck, parked it out behind the barn and put all kinds of fun pillows and blankets in the bed to decorate.  The weather was a little on the dreary side but we beat the rain just in time!

When booking a family session don’t be afraid to think out of the box.  If there is something unique that your family loves doing then have your family pictures made doing something that you all love together.  It makes the pictures more you and ones that you will always remember!



 Farm Session

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