Farm Session | Wilson Family | Western North Carolina

For several years we went to church with the Wilson family and have watched their family grow up! They literally live five minutes from our farm and it is always so cool to go and visit other farms! They raise goats and have one cow (who thinks she is a dog).  We started with Patsy, Sid, and all their kids.

Then we jumped to Patsy’s sister and her family.  All the little boys were so freaking cute and even stayed clean long enough to get their pictures taken!

And when they don’t want to stay and get their pictures take, the big sister comes to the rescue.

And then it was off to the trampoline where we spent a good while and the boys were showing off some of their best jump moves!!

We had an absolute blast, lots of laughs, and it was the perfect way to spend Good Friday afternoon.

  1. Brenda S. Bumgarner says:

    Can’t wait to see more….these are fabulous!

  2. Sarah Loudermilk says:

    Thank you Brenda!! I had an absolute blast with everyone!!

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