This is Part 3 of 12 Passion Project posts that i will be sharing for 2018.  This series was started by a statement that I heard from a young person referring to how people that are living their dreams were an overnight success.  It really fueled me to step deep and interview people that are living their dreams and to share the good bad and ugly.  The hard work that goes into following your dreams and that what people see when they start becoming successful doesn’t show all the blood, sweat and tears that was poured into.  I want people to see from this series that it takes a lot to reach your dreams but it is so worth the ups and downs to get there and to never give up!

This month’s Passion Project features Rodney & Diane.  They are both competitors at the AQHA World Show.  In this month’s video they share about how they got started in horses showing halter, then to team pinning, and now to competing at the world show.

Rodney has big dreams with his horse MJ Razor Wire. He has been in the top at the world many times but his big goal is to win the World Show!


Rodney & Diane have worked hard to get where they are.  From riding, traveling all over the country for shows, and to keep going after a bad day.  They share about all of this in their video and how they have overcome the hard times.



To see someone work so hard for their dreams is the reason this project came about. I love to hear the stories behind how they have gotten to where they are!


Thank you so much to Rodney & Diane and their daughter Jessie for taking time out to do this interview.  It is so neat to learn more about the AQHA world show and all the hard work it takes to get there!

If you missed the past few Passion Projects you can catch up on January and February!

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