Krista & Nacho

Krista is the sweetest human and has the sweetest and coolest animals.  Bunny was so sweet and would just jump up and give you a hug everytime you bent down to pet her.  She just wanted to be loved.  Nacho is just there for the party and was interested in pictures as long as he could have some grass to go along with it.  Animals with personalities make the photoshoots so much fun!

Krista has had Nacho since he was 2 and he is so cool.  He is laid back and is as cool as a cucumber.  I don’t know if there is really much that bothers him.  Nacho was cool with walking through the canola fields, cars going by and whatever we through at him.  Krista currently competes on him in local barrel races and he even teaches little kids.  He is definitely a dream horse and these two are perfect together.

Krista is a massage therapist and loves what she does.  She is passionate about helping others feel good! She is such a sweet person and getting to know her over the past several months has been an honor. I can’t wait for you to see some of her pictures from the fun session we had in the middle of the canola fields!


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