Abby & Holly

Most of ya’ll have heard Abby’s story and if you haven’t you definitely need to go and watch her story, I promise it will change your life and give you a new appreciation of the people around you.

In short, Abby was in an awful car wreck back in February and was in a wheel chair for over 3 months.  This was the first photoshoot since she started rehab and could start walking.  It was such a special day to see her walking for the first time and looking forward to riding for the first time also.  Krista is one of her best friends and was able to come also for the photoshoot.  These two were so close during her recovery it was a fun way to incorporate Abby’s story into part of the photoshoot.

Holly is Abby’s mare that she has had and had just started barrel racing her in the last year and they have come so far.  She is so sweet and definitely knows when she was in front of the camera.  Holly knew how to strike a pose and was up for whatever we asked her to do!

In the next month or two we will be doing an updated story on Abby and where is is at on her journey to healing from her wreck.  She is not afraid to get real and honest because she wants to help other people who are going through the same thing as her.  I’m so excited to follow her journey through out the rest of the year!

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