A girl and her horse – Teagan | Equine Session | Taylorsville, NC

Equine Session

Teagan has been my side kick since she was little.  She fell in love with horses at a young age and they have been a part of her life ever since.  She is already 17 and turning into a beautiful young lady.  Teagan has a heart of gold and will always let you know what she is thinking. Her goals are high and her standards higher and she has never wavered from that.

I have been wanting to do another session with her because it has been a couple of years and when they are teenagers they grow so fast.  We pulled Gus out to be our model and he didn’t let us down.  He is the most laid back horse and put up with all of our crazy ideas.

Teagan I hope you continue to put God first in your life and follow his plan.  Don’t loose your honesty because it has gotten you far and people always know where you stand!z

Enjoy a few pictures from her session with Gus on the farm!


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  1. Roberta says:

    Beautiful Picture’s. Love how an animal can show so much expression in a picture. Soft , but louder than words.

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