Do I Trust God to be God?

This hit hard, like smacked me in the face hard.  We go around as Christians saying we are living for God, but do we really mean it.  Do we really turn our problems over to him when the going gets tough, or do we try and fix the problem ourselves and say we are trusting him.

Recently I’ve had a hard time of trusting him. My business means the world to me but with the baby on the way I’m freaking out inside as to how in the world am I going to handle the business and a new born? Will my business fail after I built it up over the last several years? I have shed tears, filled many pages in my journal trying to figure this out on my own.  But you know where it got me? Nowhere because I’m not turning it over trulls to God and actually trust him to be God.

So if you are going through something you’ve prayed and tried to fix on your own, just stop and let God be God.  Let him handle the situation in his won time and way.  He will take care of you even when you don’t think he will.

Maybe this is a time for him to reach out to you and share blessings with you that you never saw coming.  Sometimes he has to take things away from us to bring a bigger blessing.

So I’m going to sit back and enjoy this pregnancy and let God handle my business the way he sees fit.  I know he will take care of it because he gave me this passion for photography and I know he has bigger plans for me.  It may just mean I need a small break to get reinsured and figure out what direction he wants my business to go.  Maybe it will be opening a new section of my business I have been putting off because I’m scared to death to do it.  I don’t think I’m worthy enough of goals I have set for myself but slowly God is revealing to me that I am and that he will guide me to where he wants my business to go.

My mission for the next few months is to let God be God and to do his job and for me to step back out of his way.

I hope this has helped you if you are going through a hard time. If it has feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email.  I love connecting with others who are going through the same hard times!

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