Passion Project | Following Your Dreams | February

This is Part 2 of 12 Passion Project posts that i will be sharing for 2018.  This series was started by a statement that I heard from a young person referring to how people that are living their dreams were an overnight success.  It really fueled me to step deep and interview people that are living their dreams and to share the good bad and ugly.  The hard work that goes into following your dreams and that what people see when they start becoming successful doesn’t show all the blood, sweat and tears that was poured into.  I want people to see from this series that it takes a lot to reach your dreams but it is so worth the ups and downs to get there and to never give up!
This month I had the honor to interview Willard Bare, an 87 year old veteran from West Jefferson.  He grew up on the same farm that he still lives at today.  Willard grew up farming, serving in the military, and raising a family.



Willard loves riding his tractors, and his newly restored Oliver tractor.  Once he sat down in the seat he was posing and smiling for the camera like he had been doing it for years!!

His son continues to farm on the family land and currently has over 200 head of cattle.  Willard helps him daily from putting out feed to driving one of his dump trucks to deliver gravel.  Michaela his grand daughter also continues on by starting her own small herd and has several horses as well.



We did the interview from his favorite chair in the living room with his beloved dogs.  They wanted to be in on the video as well!


Thank you so much to Willard and his family for being a part of this project! It is so neat to see someone who has lived their life and is still doing what they love to help carry on a tradition!

If  you missed the first month of the Passion Project you can find that here.

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