Toyie is the sweetest person and I was so excited about her equine photoshoot with her sweet mare.  They had just recently lost one of her other horses so this photoshoot was special.  This was Toyie’s first photoshoot but she was a rockstar!

A lot of people also don’t know but she also races dirt bikes.  I think it’s pretty cool that she is able to do both at such a young age!

Here are a few pictures from her western equine photoshoot!

cowgirl walking with horse
cowgirl loving horse
cowgirl riding her horse
cowgirl riding looking at her horse in black and white
cowgirl sitting leaning on horse feeding it grass
cowgirl petting her horse leaning on fence
cowgirl in white dress loving horse
cowgirl in white dress with horse looking back
girl in white dress on horse leaning on horse's neck
cowgirl in white dress walking with horse
sorrel quarter horse blackbackground
horse with lip up with girl holding bottle

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