I was so excited to travel down to South Carolina for a fun engagement session with Adam and Savannah.  They have the most beautiful farm with rolling hills, and holy cow the sunsets! 

They brought all of their horses and dogs and we went up to the top of the hill and you could see forever. We also found the creek and got to do some fun shoots in that as well!

We had a great time and it was so good getting to know this super sweet couple!

western couple sitting with horses grazing
cowboy kissing girl on the cheek with horses in background
western couple walking with 2 horses and dog
western couple walking close with 2 horses
western couple with 2 horses from behind
western couple with 6 horses and 2 dogs
cowgirl with horse and dog
cowboy with fiancée ft. engagement ring
western couple riding down dirt road
western couple riding in creek
cowgirl kissing cowboy on cheek in creek on horseback
cowboy couple riding down dirt road holding hands
cowboy couple riding away
western couple kissing silhouette at sunset
western couple dancing in the truck lights in black and white
western couple in truck lights with horse in black and white

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