Megan | Over the Top Maternity | Elkin NC

Every time I’m working with Megan, I know it is going to be epic.  She has amazing ideas, and I’m always on board because it’s fun to push out of my comfort zone.

Megan had the idea of doing a super cool maternity session and the perfect place was the Coley Hall at The Liberty in Elkin NC.  Inside they have a super moody vibe with a vintage sofa, wood floors, and brick walls. Megan brought some really bad ass outfits to use.

When we finished up inside we took off out to the old train cars that they have located behind the hall.  Let me tell you, these were some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken!

Expecting mother lounging on couch with knee high black boots

pregnant woman leaned back on vintage couch

pregnant woman in fringed robe on vintage couch

pregnant woman on vintage couch cradling baby bump

standing pregnant woman in flowy robe

pregnant woman in flowy robe in black and white

pregnant woman with flowing robe on a train car

pregnant woman in flowing robe on train car holding hat

woman with flowing robe from behind walking away

pregnant woman in flowing robe leaning on train car

pregnant woman in parachute skirt leaning off train car

woman in parachute dress looking awaywith

woman in parachute dress holding skirt caught by wind


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