Bethany came all the way from four hours away to our farm for her Bridal Portraits.  Her dream was to do some with horses and I was like we can totally make that happen.  So I used Cole (because he can be good sometimes) but he goes so good with a wedding dress since he is a darker color.

OMG did you see her boots they are freaking gorgeous.  I was in love with them.  And her dress was absolutely stunning as well.  Her other request was a waterfall, and there is a waterfall a few miles from the house so we took off up to Moravian Falls Waterfall.  It is super easy access with a huge and gorgeous waterfall.

Bethany was a dream, and just wait till their wedding which was even more gorgeous on top of a mountain!

bride with bouquet walking
bride leaning on fence
bride with vail blowing
bride kissing black horse
bride walking with horse
bridal hair from behind
bride twirling in dress in black and white
bride at waterfall
bride at old water generator
bride standing on dirt road
bride with turquoise boots
engagement ring with nail details
bridal bouquet

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