The Western Way Podcast | Episode 4 | Chloe Cox – College Rodeo Athlete

College Rodeo Athlete

Chloe is currently a rodeo college athlete at Southern Arkansas University who is on track to be a P.A. On the rodeo team she currently competes in barrel racing and breakaway roping.

Originally from Australia, Chloe moved here with her family and started rodeoing at a young age.  She fell in love with roping and the rest was history.  All through high school, Chloe knew that she wanted to compete on a collegiate level.  She started looking at colleges in high school, talking to coaches and figuring out where she wanted to go.  She visited several universities and finally settled on SAU.

The college competes in the Ozark region and attend around 10 rodeo a year.  The team currently has 36 team and this year they had a lot of freshman come on.  When Chloe decided to attend SAU she verbally committed to attending the college in the fall of her senior year, but the college rodeo team can not sign someone officially until the spring of their senior year.



College & Rodeo

Being a college student and rodeoing at the same time is a full plate.  Chloe is responsible for feeding and taking care of her horses daily as well as all the school work that goes along with being a regular college student.

Chloe’s current horses she competes on are Bob and Jackpot.  The rodeo team travels in their own trailers occasionally having a hauling partner to help split the drive.  Everyone is responsible for getting their horses to the rodeo to compete.  Also being on the rodeo team, GPA is very important.  A lot of schools will look at your GPA and at your rodeo career before even considering having you on the team.


If you want to be a college rodeo athlete, make sure you stay on top of your academics and don’t slack in that department.  Make sure you are staying in touch with coaches at the schools you are interested in attending.  This will show that you are very interested.  Keep sharing with them your wins over the rodeo season so they know what is going on.  It is never to early to start deciding on what college you want to attend!

Facebook: @ChloeCoxRodeoAthlete
Instagram: @chloe_lee_cox

By the way she also makes really awesome mule tape halters and reins and the name of her business is CC Halters.
Chloe made it onto RodeoWrecks from her fall at a rodeo.


Intro/Outro Song: Grace Askew

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