Day 2 of the photoshoot was just as much fun as Day 1. Day 2 started at the small town of Love Valley.  It’s a small western town that only allows horses on the streets and no cars.  It’s super cute and we thought it would be fun to add some cowgirl flair.  We had some gorgeous models come to show off their outfits and do some western fashion content.  

After shooting all of the amazing models we came back to the house and grabbed a bite for lunch and then it was off to the evening photoshoot.  We went to a local farm who graciously let us use their farm for photoshoots.  We started with sweet Hattie in front of their old dairy barn with her sweet pony.  Then we went to the creek with some cowboys and cowgirls. Then to finish off the workshop we went off to the top of the mountain for an amazing sunset photoshoot.

We had a blast for the last photoshoot and it was the perfect way to end the workshop.  It was so good to meet everyone from all over and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to host such a fun workshop!

cowfirl in black chaps
cowgirl in tan jacket with horse
cowgirl with big American flag
cowgirl sitting on steps in black and white
cowgirl in black jacket
cowgirl in red dress with leather bag
cowboy in blue shirt with black horse
cowgirl walking in dress
cowgirl in blue dress with black horse
cowgirl in black fringe dress
cowgirl in pink dress with black horse
cowboy riding black horse
cowgirl in blue and cream jacket
cowgirl in yeehaw shirt
little cowgirl with her pony
little cowgirl sitting on steps
little cowgirl in barn loft with pony below
little cowgirl sitting sidways on pony
little cowgirl leading little sister around on pony
cowboy riding horse through the water
cowgirl letting horse drink in black and white
cowboy on buckskin laughing
cowboy cowgirl riding through water with dog
cowgirl looking at dog on horseback
cowgirl holding dog on horseback
cowboy and cowgirl riding in black and white
cowboy riding away
2 cowboys racing
cowboy throwing rope silhouette
cowgirl ponying horse with dog silhouette

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