I was so excited when Phyllis reached out to me about doing a photography workshop here in North Carolina.  We had 5 amazing photographers from all over the country that came in to be a part of the workshop.  

The first day we met at a friend’s farm where we did a lot of action photography.  From team roping, working cow horse, reigning and a trick roper. The Hargus family was sweet enough to open up their farm to us and it could not have worked out more perfect.  

After we came back from the morning photoshoot, we came back to the farm to grab some lunch and go over what we did that morning then get ready for the evening photoshoot.

I had a ton of amazing models coming for the evening part.  We started with some farm kids and did some fun shots with them in the barn. Then it was on to the couples sessions.  We had two cowboy couples come and we did some fun posing with them. Then it was off to shoot the sunset. We had cowboys and cowgirls loping all over the pasture, silhouette shots and all other kinds of stuff going on.  I took so many photos it was hard to keep up with everything.

After we got done shooting, we came back to the barn and had a fun cookout where we got to hang out with everyone.  The first day was an absolute blast. Stay tuned for Day 2!

black and white cowboy
reining slide stop
reining spin
cowgirl starting reining spin
little cowgirl loping
cowgirl with photographer
reining spin just horse
working cow horse
cowgirl working a cow
bringing cows through the shoot black and white
mama cowgirl with baby in chaps on horseback
team roping
husband and wife team roping
cowboy on grey horse
father and son cowboys in black and white
little cowboy standing on water trough with horse
little girl loving horse from his back
blonde cowgirl on shire cross
cowboy couple on horseback
working cows in black and white
4 cowboys and cowgirls working cows
blonde cowgirl loping with rope swinging above head
cowgirl aiming with long old gun on horseback
cowgirl on horseback in black and white
cowgirl letting horse drink from spring
silhouette of a cowboy
multiple cowboys and cowgirls silhouette
3 cowgirls standing
blonde cowgirl sitting in grass
western couple snuggling with their horses nearby

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