Halle got some cool Oak & Eden whiskey and wanted to do a cool photoshoot at a bar. I found a bar in our local town and they let us use their bar before they opened for the day. We did some cool video and pictures with the whiskey and it was a lot of fun getting creative.

Here are a few fun shots from the photoshoot

Cowgirl pouring Oak & Eden wiskey
close up of the bottle being poured into glass
2 cowgirls talking with whiskey in foreground
2 cowgirls talking over whiskey
2 cowgirls doing a cheers with glasses
2 cowgirls sitting at bar looking out the window
2 cowgirls at the bar talking
cowgirl standing at barn looking left
cowgirl standing at bar looking right
cowgirls walking out of bar raising glasses
cowgirl sitting on bar with bottle of whiskey beside her

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