Bella won a giveaway that I did earlier in the year so I traveled down to Anderson, SC for her photoshoot. That area of South Carolina is so pretty with rolling hills.  

Bella is on the Clemson University Equestrian Team so it was cool to meet her horse and see what she gets to do.

We had an absolute blast taking pictures of Bella and her horse. Here are a few previews!

Cowgirl and boyfriend walking with white horse
cowgirl and boyfriend looking at each other with white horse
Bella loving Thor her horse
Bella looking left
Cowgirl in dress with boyfriend and horse
cowgirl in black dress sitting on white horse looking down at boyfriend on the ground
cowgirl in black dress sitting on fence at sunset with white horse
cowgirl in aqua dress with white horse
cowgirl sitting on white horse looking to the right
cowgirl in aqua dress walking with white horse

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