The Myers Family came to visit the farm and it was an absolute blast.  Gunner was the family comedian and Layla was super sweet and a horse crazy 13 year old.

Gunner kept us entertained while trying to tickle everyone, but it sure got everyone laughing!

Some of my favorite moments are between Mom and Dad while the kids run off and play.  It gives them a moment to come together!!

Layla was so sweet and I gave her the choice of which horse she wanted to use and she chose Cole.  Cole loves making appearances in Farm Sessions.  He’s a pro, all you have to do is smile and he will take care of the rest.

Gunner wanted to pet a cow, so Elizabeth was sweet enough to hang around for him to give her quick scratch!

We had an amazing time! When Anita first called me we started chatting and didn’t realize she lived just a few miles away.  It worked out perfect that she was just right up the road! The Myers family was super sweet and we had a blast spending the afternoon on the farm!

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