Farm Session

When Ashley inquired about an equine session, she started telling me the vision she had.  Her daughter, Aubrey, plays the fiddle (bluegrass version) and wanted to have her daughter’s picture taken with the horse she has shown for years.  The twist, she wanted Aubrey to play the fiddle while riding the horse.

As many of you know I LOVE bluegrass and I LOVE horses, and to put the two together made for an absolute dream of a shoot.  Aubrey was amazing and a trooper and could ride while play which blew my mind.

A Fiddle and A Horse

As we started to find places to shoot, I wanted to make sure the two were comfortable.  Ashley’s mare was more than perfect.  She is an old APHA show horse and has seen all kinds of crazy things in her day.  It was so sweet how Aubrey loved all over her and she just fell right into her lap (with the help of some treat). Toward the end of the shoot we were trying to beat the rain, and as we were walking back to the trailer, the sky opened up.

This session was one for the books.  Having such a unique idea that incorporates something special to mom and daughter was so special!



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