LLF Rider 2019 | Abby Tomlin

After Abby’s car wreck back in February, she spent almost 3 months in a wheel chair and couldn’t even walk.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch her first video, make sure you do that here. Since the wreck Abby has come a long ways in being able to start walking, she started riding her horses, and has started rodeoing and trail riding as much as she can.  In June after the wreck, Abby got an internship at Carolina Farm Credit where she worked all summer.  She now continues to work part time and attends school full time and teaches riding lessons in the evenings.

Abby had the idea of me doing a ride a long with her to a local jackpot one evening and I thought that was a cool idea.  So we finally got our schedules together and headed to a local jackpot.  Be sure to watch her video below to see all the fun and how she is doing now!




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