Ingram Family

This is the second time that I have gotten to photograph this awesome family! They are so much fun and we never leave without a lot of laughing going on.  When their little boy arrived his eyes got really big when he saw the John Deer tractor and the drill press.

He made a B-line for the tractor and was jumping off the tire before I could even get over there with the camera.  I think he jumped off the tractor about 10 times and laughed every time he did it.

Fall Farm Session

We spent the session just going for a walk around the farm and stopping along the way.  As we walked we would stop in the woods, shoot a little and keep walking.  I was hoping the trees would be beautiful fall colors by this tim of year, but with all this hot weather it’s kept the leaves from turning.

After we walked a little while we found the cows and hung out with them for a little bit and then headed toward the horses to see what they were up to.

Heather and Chris are some of the coolest people and make my job so much fun! Farm Sessions have a huge place in my heart because spending time with such awesome families is something that I absolutely love!


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