One Year Anniversary

Nick and Sydney are such a sweet couple and just recently celebrated their one year anniversary and we celebrated with a photoshoot.  These two first met working at a grocery store in Taylorsville NC.  Sydney was a friend of a cashier that worked there and Nick was the store manager.  Once they met they were head over heels.

The wedding was in the church that they both attend and it was sweet and you could tell they were so in love.  Friends and family were excited to see them getting married and you could tell that God is at the center of their marriage.

Craggy Gardens

Nick and Sydney wanted mountains and fall to be part of the anniversary shoot.  I though the perfect place would be Craggy Gardens. We met and drove up together toward Asheville and stopped off in Morgantown to grab a quick bite to eat and headed on up.  When we left Taylorsville it was a brisk 85 degrees, but by the time we got up to the top of Craggy it was 60 degrees and misty.

As we started the hike the fog was rolling in and the mist and we were trying to make it up to the top before it got to foggy you couldn’t see anything. The rain caught us on the way up, but nothing to bad to turn around.  Once to the top we got views for a short time before the fog rolled in and we were not able to see any views.

They decided to head down the mountain to another location with mountain views.  The weather was perfect there and not fog and we got some gorgeous shots!

The day was perfect and the weather was back and forth but this couple is amazing and I love every chance I get to work with them!


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