Joey | Sunrise Equine Session | China Grove NC

Sunrise Equine Session

I love doing sunrise shoots because the morning light is so beautiful.  I was so excited when Joey agreed to do a shoot.  We literally started at 6am and it was freezing cold but it was totally worth it! We walked across the road with two horses, a dog, and all of my photography gear to a cool hayfield.  We took advantage of the moon as it started to pop up over the tree line.

Chuck and Ike are two of the coolest horses.  Joey has had luck when it comes to picking out horses. Me, not so much.  I always pick out the special horses.  Ike is just a four year old but dang if he isn’t super chill.  I don’t think he gets in a hurry about anything and he just loves attention.  Chuck has a little more fire under his belt and also loves attention and was constantly checking in on what we were doing.

Enjoy a few images from our sunrise photoshoot!


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