Equine Photo Shoot

I first met Heather of  555 Photography when she was looking for a second shooter for a 4 day horse show. I drove four hours to shoot a show with someone that I had ever met before but it was totally worth it.  For the past three or four years we have been great friends.  Its so nice to have someone that has your back in the industry.  We literally talk everyday about different shoots we are working on, redoing our websites, or just chatting about life.  It was literally like we knew each other and I could just give her crap and she would just roll her eyes at me.

Heather wanted to set up a shoot with her favorite steed.  She lives four hours away so we met in the middle at an adorable farm.  We did some shots of Ali and some of her horses (she owns the adorable farm) and has some of the cutest ponies! Then Heather stepped in front of the camera with her boy! We got some fun behind the scenes photos and had plenty of laughs the entire time. After is started to get dark we got everything packed up and went to grab some Mexican food because that is the only way to end a fun session!

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