LLF Rider 2018 End of Season

Samantha Collins started her year out in North Carolina wanting to do cutting horse shows and ended up on a barrel horse ranch in Colorado. Throughout the year she faced a lot of trials and hard times and wasn’t really sure how she would end up.  From an injured horse to vet bills she thought she was done.

After our Mid Season video, Samantha got a call from a ranch that she had applied to work for.  They flew her out for an interview and she got the job and moved a few weeks later.  I was able to visit her on the ranch and spend a day with her and see what she does.

Smoke Creek Quarter Horses was so welcoming and let us spend a day with them.  I photographed some of their yearlings, two year olds and finished horses.  It was an absolute blast.  The ranch is set just outside of Denver, so you can see the Rocky Mountains in the back ground and all the planes coming into land at the Denver Airport.

It was so exciting to see how farm Samantha has grown as a rider and as a person.  She is happy getting to do what she loves and all of the horses that she gets to ride are amazing!

Beginning of the Season – LLF Rider Session
Mid Season – LLF Rider Session

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