Mentor Session

Ashley is always a trooper when I need a model for a mentor session.  The day of the mentor session it was pouring rain but it was supposed to slack off closer to the time of the shoot and it finally did. The sun never came out but we worked with what we had and the mentor session went great!

I love helping other photographers learn about lighting, their gear, and business.  It is amazing to see them grow and learn and get better in their photography.  I always leave my door open if they ever have questions or need more help.

During an in person mentor session I set up a live shoot with a model to talk all things how to get the perfect shot.  After we spend some time out side shooting we go inside where we spend the second half talking about backing up and editing.  I love to make it as inclusive as possible.  For online mentor sessions we can talk about anything that you need to work on.  We can do a live editing session or whatever you have questions about.

If you are interested in a mentorship be sure to click here for more info.


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