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Are you an equine or western lifestyle photographer but just need a little help with photography skills or questions about business?

I LOVE helping other photographers and seeing their growth.  Working one on one or over a skype session I can help you with any questions you have.  I'll help you focus in on social media, photography skills or laying out a plan for your business.

When you reach a goal or have a huge breakthrough in your business I am here to cheer you on.  There is nothing more exciting seeing one of you guys reach your dreams.

**If you are interested in a mentorship with me please fill out the form below and in the Subject session just list Mentorship and I will get right back to you and we can get something set up!!

During the one hour online session we will dive deep into your business, work on editing, or talk about anything photography.  This will be time for us to go over any questions that you have!

During the in-person one hour session we will break this into two different sessions.  During the first session we  will be a lot more hands on.  We can set up a shoot and do a complete walk through from posing to lighting to how to work your camera.  We will gear this to exactly what you need! During the second half hour online session, we will go over any questions you have from the first session via online zoom or phone call.

During a half day intensive we will spend the day diving into your business.  We can spend a few hours editing, working on setting up a website, working on the back end of your business.  I can set up a shoot with models specifically to your style so you can shoot with me right beside of you and if you have any questions we can stop and work on stuff.  We can work on posing, working in difficult lighting, how to work with horses more comfortably.

For anyone who is looking for a photography mentor, Sarah is your go too! Every time I get a chance to to learn from her I’m in absolute awe. She truly is a phenomenal mentor and photographer. Most people have trouble teaching others what they know or trying to get their point across in a way that people can fully comprehend, Sarah makes sure she breaks down every detail for you so you fully understand each concept that she’s trying to teach you. I have left sessions with her feeling so revived in my new skills of photography. There’s a lot to learn with this art, and someone who is willing to take their time and share the experience and knowledge they have is a true gift, and Sarah is nothing short of it. From lighting to angles, positions, poses, backgrounds, She is an absolute genius with a camera. Sarah is so encouraging when you’re with her, she gives you that little nudge to step outside of your boundaries or comfort zone to learn new things. I can promise if you chose to do a mentor session you won’t regret it. You will leave with a heart full of satisfaction and confidence. 
- Ashley

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