Equine Photo Shoot

Oh my gosh Ashley is honestly one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We first met when we worked together at the vets office.  She always made work so much fun!

Ashley and her family have a team a beautiful farm in the foothills of North Carolina and the barn on the property is almost 100 years old.  They also have a 6 team of horses that they take all over the country and compete in shows.  It is so cool to watch and see how much work goes into going to one of the shows.

I was so excited to do an equine photo shoot for Ashley and her gorgeous appy.  We started in the barn and then headed towards the creek.  There is a beautiful creek that runs through the entire farm.  They also have haflingers and a few other gorgeous horse on their farm so I had to grab a few pictures of them also. Then we went out towards the back field and the sunset did not disappoint. I literally kept shooting until we didn’t have any light left.


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