Mabyn & Daniel

Ya’ll I don’t know where to start with Mabyn but she is a rock star.  Mabyn & Daniel are the brilliant minds behind Mabyn Ludke Photography. Mabyn is an amazing wedding photographer and the co-leader with me in our Rising Tide Society group.

For over the last year, Mabyn has been my business coach and has completely transformed my business.  She has pushed me in directions and places I never thought I could go, and has given me confidence again when I didn’t have much.

Daniel is her super duper husband and together they set the world on fire.  They are a ball full of energy and knowledge and totally in love.

Craggy Gardens

For Mabyn & Daniels photoshoot our first stop was in downtown Asheville.  We wandered the arts district and found some super cool locations to start our shoot with.

Then we were getting a little famished, so we headed for  Catawba Brewery to grab a few drinks and to cool off. Next door was a super cute donut shop so we also grabbed a delicious donut at Vortex Donuts.

Our last stop was Craggy Gardens up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was the first time that I had ever been to Craggy but I was super excited to hike up to the pinnacle.  As we climbed to the top it was so foggy you could not see any of the beautiful mountain views.

Instead of fretting, we used the fog to our advantage and got some really cool shots.  We traveled a few miles back down the mountain and found a beautiful overlook with the mountain views.  This session with Mabyn & Daniel was out of my comfort zone, but she trusted me and I was so thrilled with how everything came out.

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to learn and grow.  It’s hard and scary, but if you never push your self you never know what you are capable of!

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