I was so excited when Wendy was telling me her ideas for her photoshoot. She wanted to light some newspapers on fire, do a shoot with a big dress and do some pictures with the water trough on the hill at sunset.  

We were able to make all of that happen in an hour! Wendy was absolutely amazing in front of the camera and such a kind person as well!

Here are a few previews from her photoshoot!

Wendy holding burning newspaper
Wendy throwing paper that was on fire down
Wendy standing with gas can and suitcase
Wendy sitting on Gus in black dress
Wendy on Gus in black dress in black and white
Wendy riding Gus in black dress
Wendy sitting on the edge of water trough petting Gus
Wendy in the water trough with Gus standing in front of her
Wendy sitting in water trough
Wendy facing away in water trough with Gus standing next to her

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