When Sarah reached out to me about doing a photoshoot for the cover of her new album, I was like Heck Yes! She through some ideas out, and I was like I have been wanting to do some work with a singer. I was so excited. If you have never heard Sarah sing, I highly suggest going and listening to her now.  She will blow your socks off.  She is one of the kindest people and we had so much fun during her session.

Here are a few sneak peeks from her session!

cowgirl in red fringe jacket
girl in red fringe jacket and black dress
cowgirl in black dress looking left
girl in brown dress in brown grass laughing
girl in brown grass with sun behind her
cowgirl in white dress leaning on old truck
cowgirl in lace shirt
cowgirl in lace shirt with black hat
cowgirl in lace shirt leaning on truck
cowgirl in lace shirt playing piano
cowgirl in black dress playing grand piano
cowgirl in black dress looking back over shoulder at piano

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