I was so excited when Sam came to the farm to do a photoshoot! She loves to model and loves western fashion.  We picked out a few outfits and she brought some of her own and put them all together.

Sam was the first one to wear the parachute dress that I had made.  I purchased a huge 34ft military parachute and had it made into a skirt and I was so excited to photograph it for the first time.  She def rocked it!

Here are a few pictures from her photoshoot!

Woman in striped shirt and red hat

black and white woman in striped shirt

woman in white shirt striped pants on fence

woman in black leather pants with cheetah shirt

woman in black pants leaning on cow pin

woman in black dress

woman with back to camera in black dress

woman in parachute dress

woman looking down parachute dress

woman in parachute dress holding skirt

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