We met up with my friend Justin who is also a photographer who lives close to Dallas. I was able to get some amazing clothes and jewelry to shoot for some brands while we were down there:
Teal Creek Boutique (tshirts)
Flying S Creations (earrings/tshirts)
We started out at the stockyards up on the catwalk.  It was SO hot but we pushed through and got some amazing shots! Stephanie and Reid were amazing. I can’t tell you how much of a trooper they were putting up walking all over Ft. Worth, changing in random places and hanging in their while we worked through all of our crazy ideas.
This was def a bucket list photoshoot and I hope you enjoy a few pictures from our photoshoot!
girl with turquoise and red lightening bolt shirt
girl holding hat in stockyards black and white
girl in cowboy hat in stockyards
girl with turquoise jewelry in cowboy hat on stockyard catwalk
cowgirl in red dress leaning on stockyard fence
cowgirl looking left leaning on stockyard fence in black and white
girl in western shirt leaning on fence in black and white
girl in white western shirt sitting on stockyard fence
girl in jeans and tee standing in arena
girl in gunsmoke and lies tee in front of building
girl in sequin jumpsuit walking down street
girl in dolly for president tee
girl in red hat smiling looking left
cowgirl in black dress with turquoise boots girl in aztec print shirt in front of horses

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