I absolutely love working with other photographers and Ashlyn is amazing working with other models.  We decided to blend together and hold a workshop together here on our farm.  

We had 5 models and 5 photographers and Halle was able to do everyone’s hair that was modeling so they were gorgeous.  We had an absolute blast and I loved meeting everyone.  We even had one photographer come all the way from Ohio.  I’m so thankful for people trusting in me to help them further along in their photography career.

The models definitely knocked it out of the park and Ashlyn was so good to work with each of them and to make them look amazing in front of the camera.

Here are some of the highlights from the workshop!

model workshop models with gus
blonde model with gus
brunette model with gus
model slinging fringe jacket standing with gus
brunette model with fringe jacket sitting on Gus
model in fringe jacket sliding down off Gus with arms up
blonde model in black jacket sitting with Gus
brunette model with wild rag on hair looking left
model in orange dress on dirt road
brunette model in white dress kicking leg up and holding hat
blonde model in black dress and black hat
blonde model in black dress with Concho belt
brunette model in turquoise dress with cowboy hat
model facing away from camera with open back black dress
all models from workshop in dresses

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