When I found out my dear friend, Kirstan was pregnant I was so excited for her! She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Kirstan wanted to grab a few pictures while being pregnant even though she was only about halfway through her pregnancy.  She just wanted to remember the different parts of it.

She came out to the farm and we had a fun quick session with a few fun outfits.

Here are a few previews from her session!

Kirstan standing holding baby bump and hat
Kirstan in fringe 1 sleeve shirt holding bump
Kirstan in fringe 1 sleeve shirt holding bump
Kirstan in black shirt and jeans with white cowboy hat holding bump
Kirstan leaned against fence holding cowboy hat
Kirstan in black and white holding bump
Kirstan in turquoise dress with cowboy hat
Kirstan holding bump in black and white
Kirstan standing holding bump with dress blowing
Kirstan holding bump tossing dress
close up of bump in turquoise dress

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