Moravian Falls

Ya”ll Leanna is the sweetest person ever.  Over the summer she has fixed up her great grandparents house and made it her own.  Her house is tucked away in the foothills of North Carolina in a small little community called Moravian Falls.  And she is only like ten minutes from me!!

The inside of the house is so stinking cute that it made me want to move in right away.  Leanna should be an interior decorator because she has tied everything together so well!

Pep & Pop

Pep & Pop is what she called her great grandparents and it is also what her business is named after! Since we first got to know each other she has been talking about fixing up this house.  When she started telling me about it I was getting really excited.  This shoot has been in the works for awhile and I was so happy to finally get to see her beautiful home!

Be sure to check out Leanna’s website Pep & Pop for her new launch of fall items!

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