Michaela has been one of my best friends for the past ten years.  We first met on a trail ride in West Jefferson for the local cowboy church.  We had so much in common and it was like we knew each other the first time we ever rode together.  She is the reason we visit Montana every year and now I can’t stay away.

Of course while we were out there we had to do a photoshoot together.  Michaela has a ton of gorgeous horses and we got to shoot with each one of them.  I’m telling you those sunsets get me everytime because they are so different than the ones that we have here in North Carolina.  I literally want to shoot to there is no light left everytime.

Here are a few pictures from Michaela’s equine photoshoot in Montana.

little cowgirl on pony with mom
Little cowgirl in pink chaps
blonde cowgirl with palomino against fence
blonde cowgirl with palomino
blonde cowgirl with palomino looking off to the right
blonde cowgirl with her horse against fence
blonde cowgirl riding sorrel horse
blonde cowgirl riding forward
blonde cowgirl smiling while riding
blonde cowgirl with palomino mom and yearling
blonde cowgirl with all 3 of her horses

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