Leanna Ferguson | Pep & Pop | Satesville North Carolina

This sweet soul is the face behind Pep & Pop where she makes the coolest signs for all occasions.  I got my first one this weekend and I am so excited to hang it in my house.

We decided to stroll through down town Statesville, NC with no agenda and see how things played out.  We found some of the cutest places and some really cool old rustic walls. Last week I sent my lens off to get cleaned and calibrated before busy season come rolling in, so I shot most of this session with my 100 f2 and my 24-105 f4.  It was a huge stretch but it was nice to use something besides my trusty ole 85 f1.4.

Along the way we found some cool alleys and we started just shooting.  We let the ideas flow and never missed a beat!


Along the way we even found a rocking chair! Leanna loves front porches and anything country so this fit right into her personality. During this shot I was standing on a ledge, trying not to fall and laughing all at the same time.


Leanna’s boyfriend, Ben, came along for emotional support, but I ended up convincing him that he needed to join her for a few fun shots.  As you can tell there was a never ending amount of laughs and not being serious.

And when you ask for a nice simple post, he calls a cab (hand over face emoji), but it was for sure all in good fun!

To say the least it was an amazing session and didn’t even feel like work. These two kept me laughing the entire time, from walks to the ATM, to eating donuts and ice cream.  You two are so adorable together and I can’t wait for our next adventure!

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