Growing up in Alaska

Laura Langfitt from Unbridled Content Marketing is our guest this week on Episode 8! She is a copywriter for people in the Equine World and she even has her own podcast called Rein in Your Herd.

Laura grew up on Kodiak Island in Alaska.  She was 200 miles from the nearest city and only got a Walmart when she was ten years old.  Growing up she said they they learned to fend for themselves and learned a lot of valued traits that have helped her through life.  After high school Laura went to college in Idaho where she swam and met her husband.  After getting her four year degree she continued on to get her masters degree and suddenly had a lot of extra time on her hand so she could finally explore the town where her college was.  So in her free time she started to volunteer at a local horse rescue.  This is where she fell in love with horses and was able to adopt her first horse.

The Western Way Podcast | Episode 8 | Laura Langfitt | Unbridled Content Marketing | a girl and her horse

Falling in love with horses

After adopting her first horse, Laura and her husband moved to Sacramento where he got his first job.  Laura found a great barn where she was able to board her Arab and trail ride.  After a tragic colic, Laura had to put her horse down.  While all of this was going on she was in a job that she absolutely hated and they people were treating her awfully.  She was at a point that she decided to go out on her own and start with social media management. From there her business started to turn into her working with other horse businesses and that is where her business began.

Laura decided to adopt a new horse from the same rescue and he now lives in Sacramento with her.  She is starting him from the ground up and they are making such an awesome team!


The Western Way Podcast | Episode 8 | Laura Langfitt | Unbridled Content Marketing | business woman in a coffee shop

Rein in your Herd Podcast

Laura & April decided to start a podcast together.  Laura helps create all of the graphics and April does all the editing to the podcast so it works out perfect.  On the podcast they talk about social media all the way to content marketing for equine businesses.  They also share stories about their horses and all their fun horse stories!

If you get the chance to listen do, especially if you have an equine business.

Laura gave some great advice at the end of the podcast and it was, “Just go for it, it doesn’t matter what it is, just do it.”

The Western Way Podcast | Episode 8 | Laura Langfitt | Unbridled Content Marketing | a girl riding her horse


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