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Grace Askew

Grace grew up as she refers to as a “highway child”.  Her house was close to the highway so she heard the traffic going up and down the interstate.  She grew up in swimming in the motel pool and getting ice cream from the truck stops.

At the age of 13 Grace picked up her first guitar and began her songwriting.  Songwriting was a place of escape for Grace and allowed her to get all of her feelings out on the page.

After attending college for a year, Grace chose to come home and dive head first into her career.


The Voice

I first heard Grace when she appeared as a contestant on The Voice.  As soon as I heard her voice I knew that she was different.  She had a deep soul and I could tell from just the few songs that she sang.  She didn’t make it to the live show but made it three rounds in.

Grace described The Voice as bootcamp for rockstars.  It gave her the confidence and knowledge on how to be her best in any situation.  Grace stated that a lot of songwriters don’t get this experience and she was very grateful for this chance and to learn all that she did during the process!


700 Day Songwriting Challenge

For over 700 days Grace wrote a song, recorded it and went live to share it on social media.  That’s two years that she wrote a song everyday.  She showed up no matter what to share a song. Grace started writing because she was in a place in her career she didn’t know which direction to go.  She listened to Gary V who one day stated that if he was a songwriter he would write a song everyday so she took that on as a personal challenge and ran with it.

From all of the songs she produced, she picked out her favorite from days 1-90 to produce her first self produced album.

To keep things interesting, Grace brought in other artists and songwriters to collaborate with.  They would write and produce the song together and then perform it on social media live.  Another way she kept her creativity flowing was to post an image that inspired her on social media and she would have people comment one word that described the image to them.  From there she would pick the top ten words and use them in her song for that day.  This gave her tools to write a song and also a way to bring her fans in and include them in the process.

The Western Way Podcast | Episode 8 | Grace Askew | Memphis TN | songwriter with all of her notebooks


Grace & Jack

Grace met Jack, her now husband, over 4 years ago.  They have been married for 2 years and are now expecting their first child in March of 2020.  They are planning on naming him, Wolf.  Jack is a lawyer, and as Grace states was not exactly her type.  He was different and his own person and that is what made him different.

The Western Way Podcast | Episode 8 | Grace Askew | Memphis TN | a girl in a cafe


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