I was so excited for the second part of Savannah’s senior pictures.  For the second part we went to her high school and we got to do pictures for each of her sports and places around her high school that were special to her.

And then the last part of her session we went out to the gorgeous Ellendale Events and did parachute dress.  It was so pretty with the mountain behind her and the dress flying.

It’s was so cool getting to know Savannah over her senior year! Here are a few pictures from Part 2 of her senior pictures.  

senior volleyball player
senior basketball player
senior girl in cap and gown with 3 sports balls
senior girl in cap and gown walking down hall of high school
senior girl in cap and gown at lockers
senior girl sitting in cap and gown with Clemson sports flag
senior outside of school throwing cap in gown
senior girl with Clemson shirt in cap and gown
senior soccer player
senior soccer player in black and white
senior girl in parachute dress
senior girl in parachute dress with sunset

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