Caleb Austin | Senior Session | Taylorsville North Carolina

Senior Session

I first met Caleb’s mom, Wesley, when she was our youth leader growing up.  She was a summer youth leader, she took us on all the church trips and she was always one of my favorite people  While she was there she met her now husband and they lived happily ever after.  Caleb is the perfect combination of his mom and dad.  He is one of the most talented people I have ever met.  Caleb plays the piano and classical guitar.

Wesley decided to do two parts to his senior session.  The first part would be held at his church and the second part would be held on their fourth generation family farm.

Guitar & Piano

Caleb’s grandparents and great grandparents all went to the same church that he also attends with his mom and dad.  During the session I opened up one of the windows to let some light in and I got cold chills while he sat there and played.  The pew he was sitting on was the same pew that all of his family had sat on from previous generations.  It was almost like the light coming in was all of his relatives looking down on him from heaven.  It was a really sweet moment.

After he played the guitar, he decided to head to the old piano in the chapel.  The piano has been part of the church for several years and he played some cool tunes and old hymns while I was photographing him.


Fourth Generation Farm

The second part of Caleb’s senior session was on his family’s fourth generation farm.  The barn and house that his great grandfather built are still standing so we used them as part of his senior session so he would have a way to remember them later on in life.

I really enjoyed this two part senior session because a lot of seniors have so many talents and family history.  I love seeing where they came from and I can not wait to see where Caleb goes in the future!


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